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Other Surgical Treatments

Skin grafting

Split thickness grafts are performed in cases ranging from 6cm2 to 100cm2 area. The possibility of developing a hypertrophic scar and an undesirable cosmetic effect to the recipient and the donor site should be kept in mind.

Epidermal grafting

In this method a blister is produced by suction at the donor site. The roof of the blister is cut and grafted onto the affected area after scrubbing the superficial skin. The procedure does not cause any scarring but is more time consuming, blistering may be painful and only very small areas can be treated using this method.

Mini grafting/Punch grafting

Mini grafting is performed by implanting small punch grafts 3 mm to 4 mm apart within minute holes in the Vitiligo / Leukoderma area. This procedure may give uneven pigmentation. A cobblestone appearance occur at the recipient site and scarring occurs at donor site.