vitiligo treatments centre

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All patients are seen by appointments.


All appointments with new patient are scheduled at 30 minutes intervals. Expect a good and through discussion to know your type of vitiligo and available treatment options. You will not always walk away with prescription (You may walk without a prescription also).

Group Meetings:

Patients will be offered to attend a group sessions of 1 hour which will include a talk/lecture for about 20 minutes followed by discussion. Patients will be encouraged to narrate their experiences. A group of about 20 participants will be formed which will be attended by a patient with one of his/her relative.

One to one counselling:

Selected patients will be offered one to one counselling with trained counsellors.

Library Services:

Literature, published papers in the journals, books will be made available.

Camouflage make up:

Temporary make up to cover white patches.


Phototherapy unit is in a process of installation. We will assist to use home units and help to find clinics having NBUVB chambers close to your residence.