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Why have a clinic that specialises in vitiligo?

Although vitiligo does not cause any physical disability, it causes enormous psychological disturbances, which may lead to depression, social ostracisation and loss of confidence. Generally, although patients may be affected by vitiligo for several years, they struggle to obtain reliable information about the disease. Patients usually visit a wide range of physicians in multiple disciplines, and even consult with holistic preachers. In a busy dermatology clinic, it is often difficult for a dermatologist to spend enough time with the patient to answer all his/her questions. In a general clinic, it is often difficult for clinicians to keep track of latest developments in a particular specialized field.

These reasons lie behind the formation of a specialised vitiligo clinic.

In our Vitiligo Clinic:

  1. Patients can spend adequate time with a consultant to obtain all the information they need to decide the best available treatment option for them
  2. We help patients choose execute the best treatment option
  3. A support system is provided for those patients in need of support

Vitiligo is not the only disease which will lead to white discoloration of skin. Other skin disorders such as Piebaldism, Nevus depigmentosus, Halo nevus, Post burn leukoderma, Post laser or post inflammatory hypopigmentation for example, also show white spots and need to be differentiated from vitiligo.